Photos/films from Sablet

Repas Intra Muros 2012
Belle Epoque 1900 (2011)
Les Années Folles (2009)
Video fra Les Années Folles (ca. 10Mb)


Picnic, 30. juli (2008)         


Belle Epoque 1900 (2008)                   
Video from Belle Epoque 1900 (10Mb)


Soup Festival 2006


Journées du Livre, the 22nd and 23rd of July 2006


The village cat
Video from Sablet, summer  2005 (27 Mb)


Journées du Livre, the 23rd and 24th of July 2005


Inauguration of Place des Barrys, the 20th of July 2005


Photos from the dinner at Place de la Croix on the 14th of July 2005
Video from Sablet, december 2004 (11Mb)
Video from Sablet, december 2004 (5Mb)
Sablet from the air

Nice pictures from nearby


Photos from Sablet september 2011


Our own photos (from about 2003-04)
(click to watch big photos)

Montée du grand font, 
one of the most narrow streets in Sablet
Image15.jpg (116494 byte)
The fountain
Image16.jpg (124315 byte)
Chez Serge et Isabelle -
one of the two bakeries in Sablet
Image10.jpg (117788 byte)
De Rue de l'Église
in the evening
Image11.jpg (117831 byte)
Cat in Rue de l'Église
in the evening
Image14.jpg (115835 byte)
The stairs leading to Grande Rue
hus til salg.jpg (105895 byte) Image41.jpg (84740 byte)
Image9.jpg (104493 byte)
The restaurant "Les Remparts"
(Closed this evening)

The cimetery
Image38.jpg (92299 byte)
Old butchers shop in
Grande Rue
Image30.jpg (109860 byte)
Place des Barrys in the evening
Image6.jpg (108029 byte)
Image20.jpg (119707 byte) Image29.jpg (121527 byte) Image7.jpg (156999 byte)
Round Sablet
Image24.jpg (144857 byte)
Image23.jpg (128551 byte)
Image26.jpg (128988 byte)
Image22.jpg (152343 byte) Image25.jpg (155915 byte)
Image37.jpg (84312 byte)
novemberudsigt.JPG (512693 byte)
View from the terrasse of Le Cordonnier, 
november 2003 
Image27.jpg (143319 byte)
Image32.jpg (136675 byte)
The wine harvest
Image31.jpg (110630 byte)
in Gigondas  
Image33.jpg (128534 byte)
in October