Old photos from Sablet

Unfortunately we do not have many. But here are a few.

Place des Barrys when it was renovated the first time about 19?

Place des Barrys about1984

Before and after: A view from Rue de Barrys to Grande Rue about 1960 and 2007

 Before and after: A view from Place des Barrys to 63 Grande Rue about 1984 and 2007

And here it is again - Place des Barrys. February 2005. During renovation once again.

Almost finished, may 2005
(photo: J. Andersen)

From the inauguration, the 20th of july 2005.
Other photos from the inauguration

Place des Barrys 2007


Belle Epoque 1900 (2008)    

    Video from Belle Epoque 1900 (ca. 10Mb)

Old map (1760)

Old postcards from Sablet

Old postcards from Vaucluse